How to Design Car Decals



Car decals act as versatile pieces of advertising which can be utilized almost anywhere on your vehicle. They may be custom printed with any kind of design that you prefer and may be die cut to accommodate different kinds of shapes. It is tough to get it wrong with the car decals, but there are a few things that you need to understand before creating your custom car decal ad and placing the order. Free Postcard Printing Samples Free Postcard Printing Samples
  • Measure the Vehicle: Your design can be greatly affected with the overall size of the piece. Hence, the first thing to do is get outside to measure the width and height of the area in which you would want to place your decal. If you understand the size limitations, you can start with the design job as per the details.


  • Fill in the Space: Whether the car decal is large or small, it should seem like thought and effort were invested into the project. If required, hire a professional designer for creating the artwork. If you have financial constraints, you may DIY. Keep the text bold, large and easy to read from a distance. The name of your business and phone number should be remembered by your potential clients. However, do not go overboard. If you really need to exclude something in the design, it should not be there for it might distract the customers from focusing on the important segments of the message.


  • Color Contrast: As is the case with any car sign, the design of your car decal should leave a lot of color contrast. This allows your message to stand out not only from the background of the decal itself, but also from the body of the car on which it is applied. Designs that use colors of a similar shade are tough to read and do not register well with the readers.


  • Die Cut: Vinyl stickers can be cut to any shape. This might be expensive, but it makes your piece look interesting and unique. If you want simple lettering on your vehicle’s side, choose a product that is known as vinyl lettering as it helps you type just what you want to say. You will then receive those very words cut out of the vinyl to use on your vehicle.


If you have problems for designing your decals, there are a lot of online providers that offer customized templates to make the process fast and hassle free. You can choose your preferred design and then change the text to convey your business information.


Types of Backgrounds to Consider


You might often be faced with the choice of backgrounds while designing a two color car decal or sticker for your car windows. Should you choose light text on a dark background, or dark copy on a light background? We are often torn for choice when deciding between the two types of options to consider. The best way to decide would be driving down the street to the place where you want the people to see the car decals.


Check out the various kinds of signs that attract your attention. Most people who have gone through this exercise believe that light lettering on a dark background attracts their attention more quickly than dark lettering on a light background. The first is good in capturing popular attention. If you are looking for copy or graphics that are multicolored, it might not work for reversing the field. In that case, you would opt to have a light or white backdrop so as not to lose the purport of your sales copy.


If you want to promote your brand and your logo contains colors that are too bright or have too many shades, it will not work well on a black or dark background. If on the other hand you use stark letters on a dark background, it will be seen as very bold and can be noticed from a distance. This is due to its stark contrast. Various people have tried to experiment with the best of color combinations for visibility, and the unanimous result is the combination of bright yellow on red, followed by bright yellow on black. The next is white on red, and white on black.


For this reason, if you want to be seen these are the colors that you need to look at first. Other kinds of colors such as yellow or white on darker green and blue can also play well. For this reason, it would be best not to be too taken up with the colors that you tend to use with your organization logo or business.


Are Decals for Brushed Metal?


Is it good to stick a decal to brushed metal? Does it stay stuck in its place? Although this might not be one of the standard applications or usages for a sticker or a decal, it is always good to test a decal or two with different kinds of adhesive EDDM postcards printings. If you want this to be a permanent application, such as on a panel or a machine, you may use very strong adhesives in these cases. What you need to take into consideration here is whether you are using a piece of metal which is clean and new. Is the brush rough?


The common rule is that no matter how much the various kinds of metals are brushed, it does not have any effect on the adhesion of most of the permanent adhesive vinyl decals. In case you are looking forward to placing a temporary adhesive sort of vinyl sticker on a product which you want to be removed upon purchase, it is best to request samples from your preferred decal supplier and check whether there is sufficient stickiness to stay on your product until it is bought. However, there is another aspect that you need to take into account. Static cling stickers will not adhere to a brushed finished metal unless it is clear coated to make sure that there is a smooth finish.