Guide to Custom Printed Postcards

Versatile marketing tools are loved by businesses and companies. These tools can be a big help to the marketing activities as they can be put to use in different ways. One of the more popular of such tools is the humble postcard. Postcards have normally been used as short correspondences. However, businesses discovered that they could easily be used to send marketing messages as well.

Cheap Postcard_Printing
Cheap Postcard_Printing

Although postcards are a traditional form of marketing, companies still use them in large numbers to promote their business. These tools have not yet lost their effectiveness as marketing materials in a world ruled by technology. You can use a custom printed postcard to send your customers marketing information so that they can get to know about your business.

Hire an Online Printing Company
There are a number of companies who operate their printing services solely online. These online services can in fact be a better choice for getting your custom printed postcard. There are quite a few benefits to using their services.

  • Online printing agencies tend to charge far less than other companies. After all, they have very few overheads to take care of. Additionally, you can get hold of some pretty major discounts when working with these agencies.
  • The turnaround times for the printing projects are usually faster for online agencies. In some cases, they may even be able to deliver your work by the very next day. The speed can be very useful when you need your postcards quickly for your marketing activities.
  • Online agencies are more likely to use the latest technologies, innovations and techniques. These new techniques can be extremely useful for your custom printed postcard. You will find that your postcards are free from errors. They will be of a better quality as well. The higher quality of work can be useful when you are trying to impress your customers.
  • These online printing companies can even make it easier for you to design your custom printed postcard. They will have online templates which you can use. These templates can be customized and modified in innumerable ways so that you can create a unique postcard. Additionally, there will be design tools available. You can use these design tools to start creating your postcards from the very beginning.
  • Customer service is always going to be important when you are dealing with another company for your work. After all, you need to know the status of the project and get other details clarified. With these online printing companies, you can expect an excellent customer service. Most of them will provide you with a representative who can be contacted for all details about your project and otherwise.


Designing and Customizing Postcards
In order for your marketing efforts and advertisements to be successful, you need to impress the customers first. When they are impressed, they will be more willing to try out your offers and products. The only way to impress them with postcards and other pointed materials will be with the help of attractive designs for those materials.

If a customer finds that your postcards are unique and appealing, they will certainly be interested and curious about the products on offer. That is why you should avoid using common kinds of designs for your postcards. They need to be customized in the proper manner so that they can look striking.

Hire Graphic Artists and Designers
Hiring a graphic artist or designer for creating your postcards will be the easiest and the possibly the best solution for your custom printed postcard. These professionals can create a postcard that is not only unique but looks fantastic as well. They will take the concepts and ideas behind your business into consideration while designing the postcard. This ensures that the postcard is compatible to your business completely which in turn helps in making a stronger impression on the customer.

Use the Company Logo
The company logo has to be present in your postcards without fail. Without the company logo, it can become difficult to recognize the company sending the postcards. It looks extremely unprofessional as well. Additionally, these postcards will not contribute to the growth of your brand awareness at all. You may have created a highly impressive postcard. Without the logo, your customers will not associate it with your company which means your marketing efforts will be in vain.

Check The Aspects Of Custom Printed Postcard
There are a number of aspects in a postcard. The paper stock, the ink, the coatings and even the dimensions of the postcard should be carefully chosen.

  • A postcard requires a thicker stock of paper. Card stock is usually the preferred choice for it. Avoid going for paper stock that is too thick or too flimsy. Heavy stocks may cause your mailings to be charged a higher rate due to the added weight.
  • Standard dimensions are a sound choice for postcards. Be that as it may, there is no harm in option for a slightly larger size. You will get extra space for writing down more marketing information and they tend to stand out. That makes it worth the extra money you have to purchase.
  • Add a protective coating to your postcards. Laminations work best. However, a glossy or a matte coating can enhance the looks of the postcard. Coatings will ensure that the postcards last for a longer time as well. However, you should remember that it will be difficult to write on a postcard with a laminated coating.


Resolution of Images and Their Copyright
The design file of your postcard should be of a higher resolution. A higher resolution ensures that the design can be rendered accurately when printing. Otherwise, you will end up with a postcard that looks blurry. The same applies to the resolution of the images and graphics that you have used in the design. Additionally, avoid using images from the internet. They look poor and you may inadvertently end up using a copyrighted image. If you must, download those images from a royalty free site.

Customize your postcards to get a better response for your marketing efforts.

Custom Postcard Printing for Boosting Your Business

Postcards are incredible as marketing tools. Many businesses use these printed materials to give a boost to their marketing activities. In spite of the capabilities of the postcards, they will not be very useful if your do not customize it for your business first. Custom postcard printing can help you boost the effectiveness of these marketing tools.

There are a number of things you will have to consider when you are going for custom postcard printing. By taking care of these things, you can ensure that your postcards look amazing. Your customers will also be suitably impressed as well which can lead to better sales.

The Type of Customization for custom postcard printing
Custom postcard printing can be done via three different methods. They are given below.

  • Creating a design yourself.
  • Hiring a graphic artist for the design.
  • Use a template for customization.

Each of these methods has their own advantages. By doing it yourself, you will be able to save money. There is no need to hire anybody else to do it. However, you may end up wasting the valuable time of your company if you decide to create the design on your own. Templates can make it easier for you to customize the postcard to your liking. Templates can be easily downloaded from the internet for free.

A graphic artist will certainly charge money for the services rendered. Be that as it may, the quality of work provided by them is of a higher quality. They can help in creating a customized postcard that is a perfect fit for your business. You can even supply them with ideas which can be implemented by them in their design for your postcard.

The Choice of Font
The selection of the font is an important matter to take care of. Highly stylistic fonts should be avoided as they are quite difficult to read. The message on postcards should be easily readable. Your customers need grasp the core of the message within a few seconds at most for your postcards to be successful as a marketing endeavor. This will not be possible if your choice of fonts is wrong.

Simple fonts do look good. However, they can lack the style to make a suitable impact made on your customers. Fortunately, there are a number of fonts that are stylish and yet, they can be read with ease. You should also ensure that the size of the fonts is correct. They should not prove to be hindrance to readability by being too small to read. They should of the correct size and follow a hierarchy to help in creating a strong impact.

The Selection of Colors
Color is certainly a crucial factor which you should consider. A full color scheme is always the best choice especially when you are trying to use postcards as marketing tools. Colors can help in imparting a striking appearance to the postcards and make them stand apart from the rest of the mail. You can talk to your printing agency about the options they have in place for the color of the postcards.

Colors can help in making your postcards memorable. Of course, the company logo needs to be in color so that people can slowly associate the color with your brand. Be that as it may, you need to make sure that the color printing is accurate. You can check the proofs offered by the printing agency to check for any errors in the color reproduction. It is better to use offset printing as the chances of getting smudged colors are almost nonexistent.

You should know the difference between the RGB color mode and CMYK color mode.  A screen uses the RGB mode to display the colors. On the other hand, printing is always done in the CMYK mode. Therefore when you get your postcards printed, you may notice slight differences in the color. Even this minor difference can be devastating for the impression created when going for a colorful postcard. You can ask the printing agency to compensate for the color difference while printing the postcards. You can also make the necessary adjustments when you are designing it.

The Placement of the Company Logo
The company logo is a must when you are going for a custom postcard printing job. Without a logo to signify your company, your customers will keep wondering about the business. A logo can be a symbol of the professionalism of your company. That is why you should place your company logo in the postcard.

However, the placement of the company logo needs to be done appropriately. Usually the logo is placed on the top corners of the postcard. Another major area will be the center of the top. These places are perfect for logo placement. Be that as it may, the company logo should always be prominent. Your customers should be able to locate the logo without any difficulty. The logo should be printed in color even if the rest of the postcard has been printed in monochrome.

Review Your Work
After you have finished the design of the postcard, you should always get it reviewed. After all, it is always possible for errors to crop up. There are various errors which can persist in your design.

There can be spelling and grammatical mistakes that you may have overlooked. Syntax errors can occur as well. Apart from the errors in the message, there can other mistakes. The placement of the graphics and images can be wrong. They may be placed in the wrong areas of the design.

There can be problems with the colors. You should be double-checking to ensure that the correct color mode has been used. Sometimes, the inks may have leaked out from their designated places. These and other errors need to be checked thoroughly so that your postcard is free from them. Your postcards can make a strong impression only when they are free from mistakes.

Custom postcard printing can be a great marketing tool for promoting your business and connecting with your customers. These tools can deliver your marketing messages quite effectively.