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Cardstock: Cardstock may be the hard-surface papers that can be employed for the scrapbooking and EDDM® postcard printing companies cards. This papers possesses thick base therefore are not used in every software.

In addition, this has additional attributes. Due to its thick base, it does not easily move out from the EDDM® printer as opposed to the regular EDDM® flyer printing paper. If you want a inexpensive EDDM® flyers printing than you really need to steer clear of the utilization of card stock paper.

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Cardstock: could be the hard surface papers which may be useful for the scrap booking and Every Door Direct Mail® postcard printing businesses cards.

  • This papers has a thick base very may not be employed for every program.

In addition to this, it has extra residential properties. Due to its heavy base, it does not effortlessly move out through the Every Door Direct Mail® printer as opposed to the typical Every Door Direct Mail® flyer printing paper. If you want a inexpensive Every Door Direct Mail® postcards printing than you will want to prevent the use of card stock report.

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